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Fighting for the Rights of the People
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Trial Attorney

Personalized Representation for Your Unique Situation

The Law Office of John N. Elliott is a criminal defense law firm that offers passionate defense on behalf of those who are faced with criminal charges. We are committed to telling your side of the story and do so through meticulous investigation, powerful presentation, and skillful communication with the jury.

With years of experience, Attorney John N. Elliott capably handles a variety of criminal cases and has been selected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 list.

As a client-centered firm, we work toward your goals and toward obtaining the best possible outcome on your behalf. This means that we consider your individual circumstances and craft a case that is tailor-fit to your needs. Throughout the entirety of your case, we keep you informed about your legal options and work to ensure that your rights are upheld from start to finish.

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What Sets Us Apart

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Successful trial attorney, not afraid to win

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We provide advice and representation from an experienced attorney

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Impeccable reputation for aggressive representation for our clients

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We provide honest assessments of cases, whether good or bad

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We perform all work with the highest level of care and attention to detail

Aggressive Advocacy

That Always Protects Your Rights
We Represent Clients Throughout the State of Michigan

John N. Elliott brings to your case expertise and years of experience as a trial attorney; practicing across the state, from local District and Circuit Courts to the Michigan State Appellate Courts and Federal Courts. Mr. Elliott has the knowledge, skill, and courtroom experience to get the results you demand. If you need serious legal representation, you cannot afford to settle for less.

Our Troy criminal defense lawyer’s goal is to always get the best possible outcome. Our job is not to judge or lecture about your mistakes. Instead, we aim to clearly inform each client of their best options and do everything possible to achieve the best resolution for each specific state or federal case.

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Client Testimonials

Paul Cantrell

I’ve had many attorneys over the years. But, I have never had an attorney who I felt cared more about me than my money. Until now. John was more like a counselor to me at some points. I really can’t put a price tag on what he’s done for me. He has always under promised and over delivered. Always on time and very quick to get back to me. I highly recommend giving him a shot. Thanks again for everything you have done for me John. I truly appreciate it and so does my family.


John Elliott is the real deal. Challenged everything that made sense to fight. Weakened their case all the way through. Ultimately, we had to take it to jury trial and he won the case. Money well spent. Thank you sir!

Stephanie Armstrong

Finally got results with John Elliott. He did more for me in 6 months than two prior attorneys did over two years. His price was fair and reasonable. He did not nickle and dime me for every email or quick conversation. He listened...and helped. Very grateful for him... and highly recommend.