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John N. Elliott Founder & Trial Attorney

John N. Elliott brings to your case focus, dedication, and years of experience as a trial attorney. He has practiced across the state, from local District and Circuit Courts to the Michigan State Appellate Courts and Federal Courts.

Attorney Elliott has the knowledge, skill, and courtroom experience to get the results your case demands. If you need serious legal representation you cannot afford to settle for less. Call the Law Office of John N. Elliott at (248) 451-9600 today.

A message from Attorney Elliott

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Protecting Your Rights:

Founder & Trial Attorney

“Thank you for taking the time to read this page, and I hope to speak with you about your case. First off, I consider it an honor and a privilege to fight for your rights. My practice has always focused on representing the “little guy.” Whether it be defending someone, accused of committing a serious criminal offense, against the full might, strength and resources of the U.S., State or Local government or pursuing a substantial settlement, for an injury suffered by a Client, against the insurance companies that want to limit or avoid payment. The beauty of our legal system is that with the guidance and assistance of an experienced and zealous trial attorney, these seemingly lopsided adversaries are made to stand on equal footing.

If you choose to allow me to represent you in your case, I will personally handle all aspects of the matter. When you call our office, my receptionist or paralegal will answer the phone, however, it will be you and I that have all substantive conversations about your case. I will review all evidence, handle all discovery investigations and draft and argue any motions that may be necessary. When you retain my services, that is just what you get: MY services. You will not be passed off to some associate who is not familiar with the details of your case. You and I will work closely to achieve the best possible outcome for your legal matter and I have had a lengthy track record of success utilizing this personalized approach.

I prepare every case as though it is going to trial right from the beginning, starting with an aggressive discovery strategy to make sure we have all the necessary information as soon as possible. I also maintain an extensive network of highly qualified expert witnesses and explore the relevance and benefits of utilizing the same for each individual case to secure expert retention as soon as it seems beneficial. I truly love what I do for a living and the satisfaction of being able to help people in their times of need is the best part.


John N. Elliott”