Client Reviews

paul cantrell

I’ve had many attorneys over the years. But, I have never had an attorney who I felt cared more about me than my money. Until now. John was more like a counselor to me at some points. I really can’t put a price tag on what he’s done for me. He has always under promised and over delivered. Always on time and very quick to get back to me. I highly recommend giving him a shot. Thanks again for everything you have done for me John. I truly appreciate it and so does my family.


John Elliott is the real deal. Challenged everything that made sense to fight. Weakened their case all the way through. Ultimately, we had to take it to jury trial and he won the case. Money well spent. Thank you sir!

Stephanie Armstrong

Finally got results with John Elliott. He did more for me in 6 months than two prior attorneys did over two years. His price was fair and reasonable. He did not nickle and dime me for every email or quick conversation. He listened...and helped. Very grateful for him... and highly recommend.

Bob Smith

I hired John on my 3rd probation violation. After dealing with numerous attorneys in the past, talking with John I felt confident that he was going to do his best with only my best interest at heart. I called him last minute, at 8pm the evening before I was due at Court, (8:30 in the morning) He was honest, understanding and compassionate. He genuinely listened to every detail. The recommendation being jail time, an being a single mother I took this very seriously and so did John. He showed up dressed to impress, and on time! Even tho I called literally last minute. He was highly respected by the law clerk and Judge. Him an I agreed on what would be a reasonable punishment for my case, while representing me he spoke on every detail and my Judge granted what he requested. I'm very pleased. Afterwards, John took the time and made sure I understood everything I was ordered to do. I will definitely refer him to anyone and hopefully will not need him on any criminal charges in the future but if so he's my guy!!!

Mannie Cut

I am so grateful to have had John there to represent me. I got a ticket for some driving decisions that I didn't think through too properly. I was looking at the possibility of huge fines, probation, and worst of all, losing my license. The ability to drive is vital to my life not falling apart, as is true for many people in the Motor City. John was there to save the day for me. I was able to keep my license and the fine I had to pay was only a small fraction of the original. I highly recommend John because he is awesome at what he does and also friendly and easy to talk to.

Aamina Syed

Mr. Elliott is very professional and knowledgeable. He has answer for all your questions, he is very helpful and gives importance to every detail of the incident. He is very patient and gives time to listen and comfort his client. He is very hardworking, answers to emails and calls promptly. He helped us understand the process step by step and assured the safety of my daughter. I thank God he is our attorney.

Jeff Kuhary

Mr. Elliott is a great attorney. He is reliable and will guide you through the process every step of the way. Very responsive and seems to have all the answers. Highly recommended!

sylvia orych

After I had gotten clean from a 10+ year opioid addiction, I had 4 active warrants to clean up (1 arrest, 2 misdemeanor, and 1 felony warrant). I was terrified. I found John through a Google search. Contacted his office and within minutes got a call back. I explained my situation. He was absolutely non judgemental. Listened to my concerns. Explained my options. Never sugar coated anything. Gave me the best and worst case scenarios for each of my cases. As soon as I was ready, he contacted all of my courts. Set up dates as close together as possible to get everything done and over with in a timely manner. He showed up for every single court date on time (and I did have A LOT). I never had to worry. One by one, we got everything taken care of. Even with my extensive rap sheet, I did minimal county time and got off with NO probation, which was exactly what I wanted to happen. His services are well worth the money. I would recommend him to anyone stuck in a sticky situation with the courts and I'd most definitely hire him again if I had to, which hopefully I won't.

Thank you a million times, John Elliot!! ☺

Bika Cakrani

John represented my case and he was very efficient, professional and realistic. He responded to every email and phone call and ensured that I understood what was expected in the process. He listened to all my concerns and handed my case very well. I would highly recommend the Law Office of John N. Elliott.

Eric Burman

This firm did a great job coordinating for me with an out of state attorney and quickly resolving a legal

issue I had. They called me back personally within minutes of my calls in to their staff. I really appreciated how thorough and effective they were in getting my legal issue taken care of. I highly recommend John N. Elliott Law.

Big Jon

You need a good attorney then call John Elliott I did and the results were fantastic I'm so happy that I found Mr Elliott to handle all my needs I can't say anything more but he is a super person to work with and a great attorney his dad's also an attorney too they do very good work call him and you will see what the difference is when you have a good attorney on the job, I did.

James McElroy

Reasonable price. Intelligent and responsive to the case at hand. Definitely knows how to defend his clients.

p. jo Hill

John virtually saved my life. He got a misdemeanor dropped that could have been on record forever and severely ruin my chances of getting a good job. He responded to my calls, and never made me feel "less then" because I made a mistake. If you want someone who values honesty, will return your calls within hours, and meticulously prepare your paperwork, John is the man. And all at a reasonable price. Thank you John!


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

John Elliott is a lawyer that worked extremely hard for me over many years. He took care of the cases that I needed him to take care of for me as well as years later was still supportive and helpful when I needed information related to those cases. I have dealt with many lawyers over the years and John is one of the very few I would recommend.

Mike Chialdikas

John was very helpful in reaching an outcome that was best us. He was very thorough and diligent in his process and was out for our best interest. We really appreciate his help and would recommend him to others.

Roberto Bihar

John is an excellent attorney and a ferocious advocate for his clients.

Crystal Painter

Highly recommend GREAT GREAT GREAT lawyer resonabrea price he told me once I hired him he is 100% confident I will not go to jail he said call me as many times you want I felt really bad always calling him but he was always there to answer my questions John is very very great he got me thur court I'm walking free thanks so much John for all your help I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone it was a pleasure working you with!!!

jon Crego

Best Attorney in town, you will Not be Disappointed. Go see him.

Aaron Appel

Grateful for the diligent and dedicated action of John Elliott and his law practice in his support of me and his countless other clients. Couldn't ask for better representation and hope that others find their way into his capable hands.

Nick E

John Elliott is an aggressive attorney who truly works hard for all of his Clients. I have worked in the legal field for many years and found that not all attorneys will fight for their Client's the way we would like them to. Mr. Elliott has surpassed all my expectations pertaining to his professionalism, aggressiveness and ability to achieve results others can't. I would highly recommend his services.