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Charges of Assault
on a Police Officer

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Using threats of force or violence or intentionally committing acts of violence against another individual to harm them is a crime known as assault. One of the most complex forms of assault you can be charged with is assaulting a police officer. If you were believed to have threatened or tried to harm someone you knew was a police officer, you could be charged. Law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors take crimes against police officers very seriously.

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Understanding Assault on a
Police Officer Charges

Prosecutors will often go to great lengths to gather evidence and witness testimonies to quickly reach a conviction. They may be less than concerned about gathering the truth. In many cases involving crimes against a police officer, they will push for the maximum sentence. Fortunately, we know exactly what elements the prosecution must prove to win a conviction for a crime of this nature.

  • In order to reach a conviction, the prosecution will need to demonstrate the following:
  • That you believed or knew the alleged victim was a police officer
  • That you resisted arrest or interfered with an officer's duties
  • That you behaved willfully and voluntarily (not in self-defense)
  • That the alleged victim was actually a police officer
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