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Juvenile Crimes Defense Services

All parents want the best for their children. Hence, it can be deeply distressing when a child is accused of a crime. You may be left wondering what will happen to them. Will they be sent to jail or juvenile detention? Will they have a permanent record? Any criminal accusation against a child can have severe repercussions on their future, and it's crucial to take the matter seriously. However, there are numerous ways to minimize or even eliminate many of these consequences. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney like John N. Elliott can guide you through this difficult situation to ensure the best outcome for your child.

In Michigan, if a child under the age of 18 is accused of a crime, the matter is referred to as “juvenile delinquency.” Unlike the typical adult criminal case, a juvenile delinquency case goes through the family division of the circuit court. The purpose of juvenile delinquency proceedings is to rehabilitate the child rather than to punish them.

Michigan courts with jurisdiction in juvenile cases
Two courts generally have jurisdiction in a juvenile case. The first is the family division of the circuit court in the county where the alleged offense occurred. If, however, the juvenile lives in a different county, the local court may request that the case be transferred to the juvenile's county of residence, provided the court there agrees to accept the transfer.

Can a child be tried as an adult in Michigan?
Yes, depending on the allegations, your child may be tried as an adult for a juvenile offense in Michigan.

A child may be required to register as a sex offender for a juvenile offense in certain cases. A child tried and convicted as an adult will have the same registration obligations as an adult.

Juvenile Delinquency
An ordinary juvenile case commences with the filing of a petition in the family division of the circuit court. The case proceeds similarly to a traditional criminal case unless it is dismissed, a plea deal is reached, or the case proceeds to trial. A finding of guilt results in an “adjudication” rather than a “conviction,” and the court orders a “disposition” instead of a “sentence.” The aim of the disposition is to rehabilitate the juvenile rather than to punish them.

In Michigan, many juvenile records are public. Therefore, obtaining a deferral is crucial. In cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, a juvenile adjudication can also have sex offender registry consequences. It's critical to hire an attorney like John N. Elliott to minimize or eliminate the possible repercussions of a juvenile case.

There are several different routes that a juvenile case can take, and navigating through all the various options and their potential consequences can be complex. You need an attorney like John N. Elliott, who is well-versed in the complexities of juvenile proceedings to secure the best result for your child.

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After I had gotten clean from a 10+ year opioid addiction, I had 4 active warrants to clean up (1 arrest, 2 misdemeanor, and 1 felony warrant). I was terrified. I found John through a Google search. Contacted his office and within minutes got a call back. I explained my situation. He was absolutely non judgemental. Listened to my concerns. Explained my options. Never sugar coated anything. Gave me the best and worst case scenarios for each of my cases. As soon as I was ready, he contacted all of my courts. Set up dates as close together as possible to get everything done and over with in a timely manner. He showed up for every single court date on time (and I did have A LOT). I never had to worry. One by one, we got everything taken care of. Even with my extensive rap sheet, I did minimal county time and got off with NO probation, which was exactly what I wanted to happen. His services are well worth the money. I would recommend him to anyone stuck in a sticky situation with the courts and I'd most definitely hire him again if I had to, which hopefully I won't.

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